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Land north of Beaver Road is not subject to any statutory nature conservation designations.  Statutory designated sites within proximity to the development include: North Downs Woodlands SAC approximately 4.2 km to the north-east; Peter’s Pit SAC and SSSI approximately 5.5km to the north; Oaken Wood SSSI approximately 3.2km to the south-west; Ditton Quarry Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and Ditton Court Quarry Local Wildlife Site (LWS) approximately 1.7 km to the west; Hayes Depot Yard, Aylesford LWS approximately 0.6 km to the north-west; and Aylesford Old Pit LWS approximately 1.2 km to the  west.

Habitats within the site include: poor-semi improved grassland; apple trees associated with the former plant nursery; scattered and dense scrub; broadleaved semi-natural woodland; species poor defunct hedgerows; and tree lines.  These habitats support bats, dormice, reptiles, badgers and breeding birds.

The habitats of value will be retained and enhanced where practicable, primarily around the edges of the built development.  Furthermore, new habitats will be created within the built development through the introduction of bat and bird boxes and gaps in garden boundaries to allow hedgehogs, badgers and other animals to pass between gardens and areas of open space.

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