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Geology and Soils

Land North of Beaver Road is not within any geologically designated area; however, Allington Quarry Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is 650m to the east.  The underlying geology of the area comprises sandstone and limestone which has formed a principal bedrock aquifer across the whole of the site with a bedrock Secondary A aquifer over the northern part of the site and a superficial Secondary A aquifer in the superficial River Terrace Deposits in the centre of the site.  The soils on the site are free draining, slightly acid but base-rich soils which have formed Grade 2 (very good) agricultural land. The site is also within a Minerals Safeguarding Area for Kent Ragstone and Sandstone.

The aquifers will be protected during construction and operation of Land north of Beaver Road through the implementation of standard water pollution prevention guidance.  The soils will be managed to facilitate their reuse within the area.  Further investigation is being carried out regarding the viability of the Kent Ragstone and Sandstone resources within the site.

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