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There are no Scheduled Monuments, World Heritage Sites, Historic Battlefields, Historic Parks and Gardens or Conservation Areas within where Land north of Beaver Road will be developed. The closest Listed Building is Preston Hall with its associated statues flanking the entrance, wall and gates to courtyard and fountain which are all Grade II Listed Buildings approximately 990m to the north-west.   The nearest scheduled monument, Aylesford Bridge is 1.6km to the north.

The site is on the boundary between the parishes of Aylesford and Allington.  There has been evidence of human activity in the area since the Palaeolithic period when the River Medway was the dominant river, rather than the River Thames. Within the Site there is low potential for Iron Age, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Post-Medieval or Modern archaeology and low to moderate potential for Prehistoric sites.  Since the late 1800’s the site has been at various times a plant nursery, which grew fruit trees, or a mix of woodland and agricultural field.  Furthermore, a building was located in the south of the Site between 1907 and 1966 and another building was constructed in the north-east corner of the site between 1947 and 1956 which was subsequently demolished between 2017 and 2018.

The setting of the nearby listed buildings will be protected through the design of the new homes.  Furthermore, archaeology within the site will be subject to further and ongoing investigation to further understanding of the historic resource within the site and enable preservation in-situ or by record of any features of significance.

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