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Water Environment

The nearest watercourse to Land north of Beaver Road is the River Medway which is located 1.2km to the north at its nearest point.  Bunyards is located in Flood Zone 1 and therefore at low flood risk from rivers, reservoirs or the sea.  Within the valley towards the east of the development, there is an area of low risk to surface water flood risk (1 in 1,000 annual probability).

Land north of Beaver Road will include Surface and Foul Water Strategies which will manage the water flows within and being discharged from the site via deep bore soakaways and permeable surfaces to avoid effects on nearby surface water, ground water and drainage features.  The area at risk of surface water flooding will be located within the open space within minimal development.

A map of the flood risk constraints can be found below. Please click the key to see it properly. Below the flood risk map is a concept map of how the drainage system will be managed.

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